Timbaland Detained By Police After Fear Of Suicide Attempt

Police were on the hunt for Timbaland yesterday (August 24) and it wasn’t for the public’s safety—it was for his own.

According to TMZ, Timbo’s family was nervous that the Virginia native would hurt himself after a $2 million piece of jewelry was stolen. The L.A. County Sheriff’s Department brought out all the stops—a helicopter and squad cars—to try to find the Grammy-winner’s Escalade. After some time, the vehicle was located and Timbo was brought back to his home, where paramedics determined that he did not present a threat to himself or others.

Today (August 25) also marks the nine year anniversary of the death of Timbaland’s friend and collaborator, Aaliyah.

~~ XXL

Nah…. I’m struggling to believe that Timbo would be that dumb to attempt to commit suicide. Hope it’s not another publicity stunt, if it isn’t and it’s for real then Timbaland here’s a message from me “sort it out!”.

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